Saturday, February 11, 2012

So much for more frequent updates...

Anyway, onto fandom. I don't remember what I was doing last time I updated, but my most recent fandoms were Dragon Age and Durarara!!!! with some brief forays into the Assassin's Creed fandom.
I've mostly left the Dragon Age fandom except for poking at certain authors and checking for news on any new DLCs, novels, comics, or the new anime movie that is coming out. And yes, that does mean that for once I actually played and beat both games- although I want to replay the first again on my computer since I couldn't import my characters for my PS3 saved games for DA2 even though they're both registered on the Bioware site (stupid lack of cross-system compatability- if I want to share my saved games between devices I should be able to). In the meantime I've decided to check out the Mass Effect series- I just started the first game yesterday.

DRRR!!! is great anime but the fandom is a bit odd and there are only a few fics that actually get everyone in character and are not completely AU or based on weird alternate character interpretations based off of album art and character song names. There *are* a few fics that are worth it if one has the time to find them though. One of theses days when I get the time I want to look up the manga.

Lastly, Assassin's Creed is a fandom that I've randomly poked into a bit over the past few years, but have been avoiding lately since I decided to actually play the games instead of just looking up spoilers on the wiki. Unfortunately I suck at climbing walls, but I hope to get better soon.

Oh yeah, another thing that has changed since my last update is my new computer. I finally got sick of my old one and updated to one I actually *can* play games on. I have updated my version on Microsoft Office from the free version though, since for some reason it doesn't allow for putting in footnotes- I nearly had a nervous breakdown on my last essay trying to find the option to put in footnotes until I googled the free version and found out it simply didn't *have* that option. Good thing I was able to find a freeware word program that *did* let me put in footnotes or I'd've been in trouble.