Saturday, March 31, 2012

So... it has come to this.

So this blog is now attached to my Google+. I don't know if I like it yet.

Anyway. What have I done lately? Not much. I was trying to finish up my classes, but I got really sick and missed the exams, so that was a bust. Not fun, and will cause trouble later, but right now I'm completely burned out with school so I don't currently care that much.  Got in trouble at work too for calling in sick twice in as many weeks. Also not fun, but not much I could do about it without a time machine to warn my earlier self to save sick days for when I really can't work instead of days that working would be uncomfortable.

In fandom news... actually I'm between fandoms at the moment. I've read most of the good fic for Dragon Age, and a lot of the bad too, DRRR!!! was great while it lasted, but there is very little fic worth reading and most of it is crack. Assassin's Creed has a few good fic, but its fandom is mostly filled with self-insertions, Sues, and a surprising amount of slash between NPCs that I don't really care all that much about. Also, I suck at free-running, and walls are not easy to climb at all (though I heard that free-running is simplified in Assassin's Creed III due to all the trees.

Speaking of video-games, the ones I'm currently playing are the first Mass Effect game (I like to play things in order), Tales of Graces F for the Playstation 3, and the most awesome games ever: Angry Birds Space! I've been thinking about getting the Ultimate version of Dragon Age Origins for my computer, or just getting Dragon Age II for the Playstation, so I can actually try DA:II with my own saved file from DA:O to see if there are any differences myself, but I hate the idea of buying two copies of games I already own. I wish that buying a game bought the *game* and not just a *version* of the game, so I could at least transfer my save files between systems. I suppose that's what I get though, for deciding I want all the console systems instead of being 'loyal' to just one.

Speaking of which, out of all the consoles, my favorite is the Playstation 3 for prices and graphics. I like the Playstation Plus, since for a low price I get several free games each month and awesome discounts. Playstation Home is also pretty cool, since it makes the social aspect of gaming more interesting, and there are some really neat things and 'Spaces' you can get or visit- it does help if you have fast internet though, which I really don't.  Also, the PS3 is a BluRay player which is very handy. I also have a PSP which is nice, and hope to get the Vita as soon as I can justify spending that much money at once... and also once they have more apps and games I actually *want* to play. I'll probably get it when LittleBigPlanet Vita is released.

On the other hand, the Xbox 360 is a little more user friendly, its graphics and store are nice, and since you use your Windows Live account it is cross-compatible with a lot of things that people tend to have even without an Xbox, so it is a lot easier for the average user to figure out. It also has the Kinect, which is better than both a Wii and the PlayStation Move because it is hands-free and actually has a really good camera. The games for it are really fun too.The Xbox player Avatars are also pretty cool, and there are a lot of cool game-based clothing in the Avatar Market, but there aren't enough Avatar Games and nothing quite like PS Home, which is a real shame. Also, to buy anything in the Xbox market except for some of the newer games you need Xbox Points, which are expensive and *not* easily equatable to real money, you you sometimes *think* you are getting a great deal, when in reality you are paying twice as much as you would elsewhere.It would be nice if they put a translation to real money so you knew how much you were really spending. Speaking of spending, the downside of the Xbox 360 is that most of the really cool social and media aspects of the Xbox 360 require you to have an Xbox Gold account. This is more expensive than the PlayStation Plus, doesn't give you any free games, but does give you access to some sales and 'exclusives'. It also allows you access to several apps that are normally *free* to use. Admittedly, many of these apps are not available on other consoles, and they *have* been adding more content lately, but originally you had to pay a bit less than ten dollars a month to use Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix- as well as play any online multiplayer games you might have, not including subscription prices for said games or Netflix. Now included are several other media apps including YouTube and Crackle, which makes the price a little more bearable, and I will also admit that at least the Netflix app was superior to the one on the PlayStation in that it loaded a movie *before* trying to play it, which is very nice if you have slow internet. Still, I don't like having to pay for things that are free elsewhere. Also, I think there should be more compatibility between Xbox console and your computer- especially regarding Achievements. Oh, and it would be cool if there were more games released directly to the Xbox Marketplace, for those of us who live too far away from an EB Games or even a mall to buy things when they first come out.

As for the Wii.... actually, I only use it to play Mario Cart. I'm not the biggest Nintendo fan anymore- though I am tempted to pick up a 3DS one of these days since there're a few games for it I'd like to play.

and... that's about it for today.

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