Friday, July 26, 2013

Ha! Didn't wait a year to update!

Not much has changed since my last update actually. I'm still in the Homestuck fandom, though I've gotten to the point where I can read fic in other fandoms again and only check for new fic occasionally. I've also made progress on rereading Undocumented Features. I've been rereading it chronologically from the start and have made it to near the end of the year 2407 at this point. Incidentally, there's been some really great fics written earlier in the chronology that I had been missing by just rereading the SotS arc over and over, some of which are rewrites of old stories and other of which are just awesome additions. I've especially been fond of the fics that bring in the Mass Effect universe and various other game universes that, unlike earlier game universes, I've actually played. Also, the Skyrim mini-cross was awesome.

That said, I recently got Skyrim to work on my computer. Apparently all I needed to do is turn the graphics down to low. I still want to upgrade my computer (and need to since I've still several games that won't play properly) but I can at least play the game I really want to now. Yay.

The other things that have been distracting me lately are a) Tumblr, and b) trying to learn how to crochet.

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