Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fandom update

As usual I have been through a bazillion different fandoms since last time I updated my blog. The closest thing I've had to a 'main' fandom lately has been the new BBC Sherlock series, which is awesome and which also has a lot of great fic written for it out there for something that has been out there only a year and which only had three episodes its first 'season'. I'm greatly looking forward to the new three episodes this fall. Other than that I'm currently lurking in several different fandoms and am waiting on a few others until I've seen/played/read more of the source material.

Some of the other fandoms I lurk in are: Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Doctor Who and Torchwood, Hetalia, Leverage, White Collar, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Fate: Stay/Night, Nanoha, Girl Genius, DC comics, the Tales series, the Final Fantasy series (though I'm not too fond of 13 on account of the complete lack of RPGness in it), and probably a thousand other little fandoms that I've meandered though and will probably wander though again.

Basically even though I tend to mostly focus on one fandom at a time I tend to take breaks and go poke into new fandoms and back into old ones whenever I feel like it. As of right now, having either read or archived most of the Sherlock fanfic I've found that looks good, I'm poking back into the Stargate fandom to see if I've missed anything interesting in the few years since I focused on it, and to look up old favorites and series I was waiting for more on.

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